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Play Professional Sniper 3 

Stage 1:

Shoot the guy (1) coming in from the left side who is pushing the cart.
Stage 2:

Keep an eye on person (2), you need to protect him! Shoot the guy (1) running towards him from the left and than another one from the right.
Stage 3:

As soon as the guy who is losing gets mad and pulls out his gun, shoot the lamp (1).
Stage 4:

Wait until the extortionist (1) comes out the back door and shoot him.
Stage 5:

Shoot the guard standing on rooftop (1) and than the other two (2)(3) when they have their backs turned against each other.
Stage 6:

Wait for the Krupel and his bodyguard (1)(2) to appear from the left side and shoot both of them.
Stage 7:

Shoot all three guys (1)(2)(3). Look at the picture for best shooting order.
Stage 8:

Wait until the worker (1) is on the plank (2) and than shoot it. The foreman (3) will rush to help worker and when he's right under the bucket (4), shoot it.
Stage 9:

Shoot the guy (1) sitting in the car's back seat.
Stage 10:

Shoot all three goons (1)(2)(3) before they reach the rooftop.
Stage 11:

Shoot the barrel (1) and than wait until one of the bosses (2) starts smoking and than shoot him.
Stage 12:

Shoot the black van driver (1) and the two guys (2)(3) on the bike who jump out of the black van as soon as driver is killed. It's best to kill the van driver when he's almost left the screen, that will give you more time to shoot the guys on the bike.